Be on the Cutting Edge

Learn how to use tech to improve your overall health.  We are continuously searching the web for the latest medical apps and websites to bring to you.  The world is your oyster, so consider this a jumping off point for you to explore the great things that can happen when technology and medicine meet.

Smartphone Apps


Track your daily activity with the pedometer, see calories burned, and set daily goals with this free app.  It has an easy to use format and will send you reminders throughout the day to help you stay motivated.  Cost: Free; Annual Subscription with added features for $20

One Drop

The future of diabetes management. A Bluetooth enabled glucometer automatically syncs all your readings to your smartphone and prepares reports for you to send to your doctor. It also has medication reminders, tracks daily activity levels, helps you manage your diet and can even set you up with a personalized nutrition expert. Cost: Start Kit with Glucometer $50. Subscription service: $25+ per month

About Herbs

This app was created by the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and allows us to look at the science behind the claims of the most common herbs and vitamins we use everyday. Cost: Free


The one app to get this year.  Stop wasting time on the internet and use WebMD's symptom checker to get the best advice on what ails you.  It also has medication reminders, first aid information and explains common medical terms and tests to help you stay informed. Cost: Free

Lose It

A must have for weight loss.  Just program in your goal weight and date and it will create a custom weight loss plan for you.  Tracking calories is easy with searchable grocery lists, common restaurant menu items or simply snapping a pic of your food.  It also has great articles on diet, nutrition and meal planning. Cost: Free for Basic. Annual Subscription with added features for $40

Glucose Buddy

Forget pen and paper, use this app to track and graph your blood glucose with this user friendly app. Cost: Free

Yoga Studio

Tailor made videos with narration and soothing music for everybody from curious beginners to master yogi's. Cost: $3.99


An ambient noise app that gives you the option to add an overlapping sound that is meant to stimulate certain areas of the brain to help with memory, stress, sleep, anxiety and attention. Cost: $3.99

Meditation Studio

Meditation has been shown to improve focus, relieve anxiety and reduce stress. This app has guided meditations for a variety of topics including sleep, stress, anxiety, anger and pain to name a few. Cost: $3.99